Manning may back up Osweiler on Sunday

Posted at 7:23 PM, Dec 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 23:34:11-05

Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak believes Peyton Manning is ready to take the next step in his rehab from a torn plantar fascia.

"He'll go back to work with the football team this week," said Kubiak on Wednesday. "If everything goes (well), which I have no reason to think that is should not go well this week, he would be the backup to (Quarterback) Brock Osweiler in the game (on Sunday)."

Peyton Manning hasn't been a backup QB since he was freshman at Tennessee, but he expects to be in uniform for Sunday's game versus the San Diego Chargers.

"It's a big game, a lot on the line, playing a division team, both teams are familiar with each other.  Whatever I can do to help the team great a win against the Chargers, that's kind of where the focus is."

Manning was sidelined with the foot injury in November, just before claiming the record for all-time winningest quarterback. He's currently tied with Brett Favre at 186.

Manning told the media he "hasn't thought about" being the starter again this year. Osweiler says he hasn't either.

“I’m not really going to think about how the backup is this week. My focus is 100 percent on the Chargers’ defense and doing whatever I can to prepare to go win a football game.”

Osweiler will start again next week