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Justin Simmons makes donation to DPS foundation's food fund

Broncos safety tells Denver7 he hopes to do more
Posted at 11:08 AM, Mar 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-18 13:13:52-04

Justin Simmons wanted to help in person. Anyone who knows the Broncos safety recognizes how he loves to volunteer in the community.

In absence of his presence during these unprecedented times, Simmons and his family donated $10,000 to the Denver Public Schools Foundation's Food Security Fund.

This fund helps children who rely on free or reduced-cost meals, which continue to be available as schools remain on extended spring break due to the spread of the coronavirus.

For Simmons, it was as simple as wanting to do his part, he told Denver7 on Wednesday.

"We would’ve loved to have been there in person to help, but with all the craziness going on we felt it best to help financially at this point. Although $10,000 covers a lot of meals we will evaluate the situation as time goes to see if there is more we can do or give depending on how long this thing lasts," Simmons said. “The motivation was simply helping those who might be going through a truly difficult time. My wife and I believe God has given us this temporary platform, that is the NFL, to serve those who may be in need. So we are hoping this helps those families and kids!”

Earlier this week, Broncos kicker Brandon McManus donated money through his Project McManus Foundation to fund 20,000 meals, joining the team's funding of 100,000.

"Part of my foundation's mission statement is to help disadvantaged and at risk youth. With everything going on, we wanted to help families in need with no jobs and schools to feed their families," McManus texted to Denver7.