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Joe Ellis expects Brittany Bowlen to rejoin franchise in senior management role

Brittany Bowlen closing in on significant step
Posted at 3:52 PM, Mar 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-25 18:31:55-04

In October, Brittany Bowlen, for the first time publicly, voiced her desire to become the controlling owner of the Broncos. On Monday, CEO Joe Ellis told reporters he expects Brittany Bowlen to rejoin the franchise in a senior management position within the year.

It represents a significant step for the 29-year-old daughter of Pat Bowlen to achieve her goal.

"I would expect her to return. I don't know what the exact date would be. It could be December. It could be January," Ellis said from the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix, talking to reporters from The Denver Post and The Athletic. "It could be maybe earlier if I had my way. There are several strategic initiatives where she can be very helpful to the organization. She has the right skillset. She learned a lot at (McKinsey & Company Global Consulting), through business school and her (previous work) at the NFL (office). I am excited to have her back."

Brittany Bowlen is one of Pat Bowlen's seven children attempting to land the role. She has been considered the favorite for several months because of her educational background -- a bachelor's degree from Notre Dame, a master's from Duke University -- and football experience. Beth Bowlen Wallace expressed her desire to run the team last spring, creating a series of events that have created drama regarding the succession plan. The trust responded to Wallace's goal by telling her, "She is not capable or qualified at this time." Wallace previously worked for the team, but her position was terminated as she came closer to filling part of the employment requirements of the trust.

Bill Bowlen, Pat Bowlen's brother who has sided with Beth's candidacy, filed a lawsuit in Arapahoe District Court to remove the trustees from operating the team and cease paying the group. A Colorado district judge declared earlier this month that his lawsuit can proceed in court. The NFL, as commissioner Roger Goodell hinted, could decide the issue through arbitration.

The NFL has provided the Broncos space to find a child to run the team. When Brittany rejoins the front office, it could mark an important move toward a possible resolution to what has become a complicated situation.

"There is a little more pressure (on Brittany), there’s a little more all-eyes-on-you kind of approach when you’re a family member coming into the organization," Ellis said. "I’m confident she’ll be able to handle it well."

Beth Bowlen-Wallace declined to comment when reached by Denver7 on Monday.