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'He's got all the characteristics you want': Green Bay sports radio host on Nathaniel Hackett

"He'll relate to today's player very well," Green Bay sports radio host Bob Watts said of Nathaniel Hackett
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Posted at 3:47 PM, Jan 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-27 17:50:04-05

DENVER — Green Bay is bidding farewell to a crowd favorite.

The reviews on newly-minted Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett have been largely positive, and that includes an endorsement from a member of the Wisconsin sports media.

Bob Watts, the sports director at 107.5 The Fan in Green Bay, got on the horn with Denver7’s Jason Gruenauer in the hours after news broke that Hackett was headed west. He said Denver is getting a good one.

“He's a very energetic guy. He's running around when you go out to practice,” Watts said. “I think he'll relate to today's player very well. He's got all the characteristics that I think that you want.”

Hackett is known for his lighthearted demeanor. Don’t take my word for it, just listen to his thoughts on a cat’s agility and big cows in this “Mic’d Up” practice video the Packers shared.

It’s that lightheartedness that Watts says endears Hackett to his players.

“He's gonna let you be you,” Watts said. “You know, I think of old school coaches that tend to run them as drill sergeants, but he's gonna let you be you he's gonna let you show your personality.”

It’s what has Packers players bidding fond farewells to their now-former offensive coordinator on social media.

Among the Packers who have sung their praises for Hackett is star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whose 2020 soundbite won’t slow down the Rodgers-to-Denver chatter online:

"There's nobody in the building that brings me more joy or is more fun to be around than Nathaniel Hackett,” he said at the time. “I hope he doesn't go anywhere...unless I do."

Will that quote manifest itself in Rodgers donning the orange and blue next season?

“I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm kind of done guessing because I really don't know,” Watts told Denver7. “But that's kind of the thought process here. When we started talking about it on my talk show and we posted it on social media, the consensus of Packer Nation is, ‘Well there goes No. 12. He's going out to Denver.’”

And if you really want visions of Super Bowl LVII dancing in your head, it gets even better from Watts:

“There are also some people out here that believe that maybe Davante Adams is in play here as well,” he said. “He'll be a free agent this offseason … and there's talk that maybe the Packers might be able to do a sign-and-trade deal and they'd like to get more of your picks if possible to make it a package deal.”

How’s that for speculation on day one of Hackett’s tenure?

Adams, of course, is widely regarded as one of the top wide receivers in the game. At just 29, he’s made back-to-back All-Pro teams and finished in the top five league-wide in receptions, yards and touchdowns in 2021.

The supporting cast of coaches and players joining Hackett in Denver will reveal itself over the coming months. For now, though, is the rookie head coach the leader the Broncos were looking for?

“No doubt about it,” Watts said.