Dirty plays hang over a disappointing loss in Tennessee

Dirty plays hang over a disappointing loss in Tennessee
Posted at 2:33 PM, Dec 11, 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Fans of the Broncos had their hopes of a comeback dashed by a late fumble in Tennessee, leading to a loss to the Titans. 

The defeat was made more sour by officiating in the game, which for both teams, appeared unbalanced and potentially erroneous at times. 

Denver Broncos fans are pointing to a series of plays that led to not only distraction for the defense, but potential injuries. 

Wide Receiver Harry Douglas, among other Titans offensive players, utilized several illegal hits on Broncos players. 

Some were flagged -- like the two offensive pass interference plays, which looked much like screens in basketball. Other plays were not flagged, including one hit from Douglas to Chris Harris Jr.

Douglas hit Harris helmet-first in the knee area, hoping to cause injury. What made the play more heinous was how far away from the play the two were.

The late hit led to fury by other defending Broncos, culminating in a fight between players on the field a play later. 

Who would be flagged for the retaliation? As per usual in the NFL, the retaliators -- also known as Aqib Talib.

"It was a dirty play by a sorry player," Talib said after the game. "He has the same agent as me so when I see his a** I'm gonna' beat his a**." 

No penalties would be assessed to Douglas for the dirty hit, however it's likely the league will issue fines, as Harris dropped to his side in agony after the hit. 

Enraged fans took to social media immediately following the play, with the sour attitude of the moment hanging over the head of the fans -- and possibly the team -- for the entirety of the game. 


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