Broncos' Shane Ray defends Chiefs logo tattoo

Posted at 6:31 AM, Mar 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-16 08:42:05-04

Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray is sporting new ink but some Denver fans don't approve.

Ray, a first-round pick of the Super Bowl champions in the 2015 draft, has a tattoo of... the Kansas City Chiefs logo.

There's also a Kansas City Royals logo and some of the Kansas City skyline. Ray grew up in Kansas City and went to Mizzou in Columbia, Missouri.

He originally posted the photo to Instagram a few days ago. He since has tweeted a message to fans because of backlash. Many fans praised the ink, and some didn't like Ray's choice but respected it. Others spoke out against it or flat out insulted Ray:

t_true_55: I thought you play for the broncos

lucasstrozinsky: See Broncos fans, he wants to play for the Chiefs

nomad_2336: Not a fan of KC. WTF? You are a Bronco,or you could be. Man up *****boy.

hj.badyal: Not loyal to his team. Cut him

Ray tried to calm them by writing, "Listen people. I love the Broncos and I bleed orange and blue. Don't let a representation of pride and art upset you."

He also posted a video to Instagram defending the tattoo, saying, "I just want to let all of you fans know. Come on fam. Do I need to say anything else? No I really don't."


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In his rookie season, he made 20 tackles and four sacks.

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