Broncos' Marshall to participate in DPD training programs, ridealong after meeting with police chief

Posted at 6:54 PM, Sep 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-13 20:54:55-04

DENVER – Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall met with Denver Police Chief Robert White Tuesday to discuss policing in America after Marshall’s protest of the national anthem.

Both parties said the meeting went well. Chief White called the meeting “very productive” and said the two talked for about an hour.

White said he told Marshall he respects his right to protest and welcomed the meeting with open arms.

Though Marshall opted not to speak with media after the meeting, White said much of the discussion centered on why it appears so many officers in America get off without charges after controversial shootings.

White said he told Marshall that while some of the instances “looked bad,” the officers often aren’t breaking the law. Still, White said, the instances should bring up the question of whether force was necessary in certain situations.

Marshall agreed to attend a DPD “shoot or don’t shoot” course and to go on a ride-along with officers, White said. DPD also gave Marshall reading materials on policing and said Marshall plans to participate in all the programs.

Marshall has drawn the ire of many after refusing to stand during the national anthem – a nod to his former college teammate Colin Kaepernick, who has also refused to stand in order to protest what he calls racial injustice in America.