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Broncos' Garett Bolles has Russell Wilson's back, wants critics to 'eat crow'

Bolles is bouncing back from serious leg injury
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Posted at 2:13 PM, Jun 08, 2023

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The cascade of failures last season drenched Russell Wilson. The Broncos stunk — winning five games and firing their coach before the season ended — and no one received more of the blame than quarterback Russell Wilson.

On a Hall of Fame track when he arrived in Denver, the nine-time Pro Bowler posted career lows in touchdown passes (16) and completion percentage (60.5).

The arrival of new coach Sean Payton, whose history of prolific offenses is well-known, offers a fresh start for the team in general and Wilson specifically.

No one had Wilson's back publicly last season like left tackle Garett Bolles. He offered a passionate defense of the quarterback Thursday when I asked him about Wilson rebounding in 2023.

"I think Russ is phenomenal. You guys write the stories, so the fire goes with the way you guys write. That's just reality. But we knew who he was as a person. I have known him personally. I love him. He was one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game the last ten years. Stats don't lie," Bolles said.

"Just because a guy has one rough season, that doesn't dictate the type of guy he is. I was angry with everything that came out. I take it very personal when people talk about him because nobody knows him like I do. When you put your heart on the line, and things go wrong, you look like the bad guy. He's not. He's a great dude. He works his butt off. I am ready for (the criticism) to go away, and when it does everyone is going to eat crow."

Bolles is coming off a difficult season. He missed significant time — 12 games — after durability defined him. He broke his leg and ankle but is focused on the future.

"I feel good. You look good, you play good," Bolles said, while explaining that this revamped offensive line group is the closest of his seven-year tenure because of the "dogs" in the room. "I have put that past me. I am just ready for the season."

Sutton happy to be in Denver

For the first time, receiver Courtland Sutton saw his name in trade rumors this offseason. There was talk of going to the Ravens, perhaps even the Cowboys. Nothing materialized, in part, because of his contract. Sutton said Thursday he is happy to be in Denver.

"It’s flattering that other teams see me as a guy that can come in and be a guy for them," said Sutton, who recently received a 2019 target tape of the Saints' Michael Thomas to see how he might fit in Payton's offense. “I love that I’m here. This is where, ultimately — you guys know — that I want to be at. This is home."

“I’ve been able to come here and continue to build on the things that we’re aspiring to get to — coach Payton coming in and bringing the culture that he’s brought in, bringing the guys that he’s brought in. Everybody’s bought in and ready to take this thing to the next level.”