Broncos fans react to feud between President Trump and the NFL

Posted at 4:43 PM, Sep 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-24 20:32:19-04

DENVER -- The feud between President Trump and the NFL blew up over the weekend.

During a rally in Alabama on Friday evening, the President bashed the NFL for allowing its players to kneel during the national anthem with no consequence. His comments created a firestorm of reaction on social media, and the Denver Broncos did not shy away from speaking their mind regarding the president's remarks. 

On Sunday, the controversy made it to the football field.

Players for the Pittsburgh Steelers went so far as to not come on the field for the national anthem. Players on other teams across the league kneeled on the sidelines. Some Broncos players did the same thing in solidarity.

GALLERY: Dozens of athletes kneel during the national anthem in defiance to Trump

Denver7 went out to the streets to get fan reaction during Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills.

Mary Jane Conci watched the game from The Rock Restaurant & Bar in Aurora. She wasn't happy when she saw some of her favorite players kneeling.

"It's very disappointing," said Conci. "They are disrespecting the flag."

Conci also responded to President Trump's remarks at the Alabama rally.

"His language was inappropriate. I understand his feelings against it but he could have had a better choice of words."

Patty Baca was also at the bar watching the game. Although she's not a fan of President Trump, she sides with him on this issue.

"Do I believe there is social injustice in this world? Absolutely. This is not the right venue for a protest though."

The NFL has come out in strong support for its players and their right to free speech.

The Broncos also released a statement supporting their players for "advocating for values of respect, diversity and inclusion."