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Prank war: Wild's Marc-André Fleury, Avalanche's Brandon Duhaime decorate each other's vehicles

Fleurys Prank
Posted at 9:17 AM, Apr 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-10 11:17:44-04

DENVER (AP) — Colorado forward Brandon Duhaime has put the brakes on pulling pranks after losing all four of his tires and seeing a garden planted on the hood of his car. Chalk up another win for Minnesota goaltender Marc-André Fleury, Duhaime’s former teammate who is the master of mischief. Duhaime started the prank war when he decorated Fleury’s car with mounds of unrolled toilet paper. Fleury ended it when he went to Home Depot on Monday to round up gardening and auto supplies, stealthily slinked into the Ball Arena players’ parking lot and went to work on “customizing” Duhaime’s Jeep.

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