7-year-old adopted by CU women's Lacrosse team

Posted at 8:24 PM, Mar 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-06 22:24:11-05

Life for 7-year-old Levi Foreman hasn't been all fun and games. Fifteen months ago, doctors discovered a tumor on his brain. 

"When a parent is given that initial diagnosis and prognosis and percentage... it can be very disturbing," said Levi's mom, Sarah. 

But the 7-year-old is back to being a kid again. 

"There were sticks and there's a basket kind-of-thing and you throw the ball into the basket and then you throw it to another one," explained Levi, talking about basketball.

Sarah Foreman temporarily moved the family from Kansas to Colorado so Levi could begin treatments at Children's Hospital. After 54 weeks of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation, the cancer is in remission... and the first-grade has found a new family in the CU women's Lacrosse team. 

"We me him his last day of chemo, so it was [a] really fun and exciting time for him," said Maddy, who's part of the Lacrosse team. "It was an exciting time for us and kinda [sic] started our journey with him for the season."

"What's the best part of being adopted by the team?" asked 7Sports Xtra anchor Arran Anderson. "Is it having all these girls interested in you?", "Naaaah," said Levi. 

"He's a special kid, extremely funny. He brings a sense of humor and enjoyment to our team," said CU women's Lacrosse coach Ann Elliott.

The Foreman's have become regular at practice. They were there for the Buffs season opener -- a victory over DU.

"It was really fun, it was very exciting," said Abigail, Levi's sister. 

Wins and losses are important, but Levi's story gives these players a new perspective about what really matters.

"I think, sometimes, you need to take a minute and like, take a breath," said Lacrosse goalie Sophia Gambitsky. "And I realize that you have to live in the moment." 

"Seeing someone like Levi really inspires us to do big things on the Lacrosse field, but also to take a step back and do bigger things in life, too," said CU defense Molly Rovzar. 

The prognosis for Levi is good, and his family plans to move home in May. If all goes well, he may return to Boulder as an undergrad. 

When asked if he would be someday be part of the black and gold, Levi says "maybe."  


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