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Find The Jack-O’-Lantern With The Missing Nose In This Tricky Puzzle

Find The Jack-O’-Lantern With The Missing Nose In This Tricky Puzzle
Posted at 2:00 PM, Oct 26, 2020

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Halloween is upon us, and it’s time for spooky fun. In search of a festive activity that will challenge your brain? While we wait for the big candy-and-costumes day to arrive, we might as well give our minds a workout with some brainteasers.

Artist Gergely Dudás-Dudolf posts visual puzzles on his website and social media channels, and he has several fun fall- and Halloween-themed puzzles you can try. He also posts the solutions, so you’ll never walk away frustrated.

Check out this puzzle that Dudás posted on Twitter, featuring a bunch of jack-o’-lanterns with a few bats thrown in for good measure. They all look really similar, but one of the pumpkins is missing its nose.

Can you spot it?

If you’re ready to give up, check out the solution. The jack-o’-lantern without a nose is near the upper righthand corner of the image. Now that I look back, I can see it!

That’s not the only Halloween-themed hidden-image puzzle this illustrator has drawn up. Can you spot the ghost among the skeletons in this one?

I have to admit this one stumped me as well. Here’s the solution.

In fact, Dudás has created a whole book of Halloween-themed brainteasers, titled, “Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things.”

“It’s Halloween and Bear can’t wait to go trick-or-treating!” reads the book’s description. Bear is hoping his friends are handing out his favorite treat, honeycomb, and goes on Halloween adventure in search of it, from a pumpkin patch to a haunted house and a spooky forest. How cute!

“Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things” is available on Amazon for $7.83.


Brainteasers have been around for a while, and some are now classics. The duck and bunny optical illusion shown below first appeared in a German magazine in 1892, and at the time, psychologist Joseph Jastrow declared that if you can see both a duck and a bunny in this image, that means you’re creative. I’m proud to say that I can definitely see both!

Wikimedia Commons

How interesting! Do you have a favorite brainteaser or puzzle?

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