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‘Snuggle Puppy’ Is Specially Designed To Help Dogs With Separation Anxiety

‘Snuggle Puppy’ Is Specially Designed To Help Dogs With Separation Anxiety
Posted at 12:20 PM, Feb 19, 2020

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If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, they are not alone. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, it is one of the most commonly diagnosed behavioral problems in canines. In North America, 20% to 40% of dogs with behavior issues are diagnosed with separation anxiety.

Dogs with separation anxiety might present a variety of symptoms, from barking and howling, to chewing and digging, to urinating/defecating in the house or even escaping. While there is no conclusive evidence pointing to a cause, far more dogs adopted from shelters develop separation anxiety than those who live with one family from puppyhood.

It’s no fun for your pooch, either. In one research study, veterinary behaviorist Dr. Stefanie Schwartz compared separation anxiety in pets to phobic disorders and panic attacks in people.

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A Stuffed Toy Might Help

A specially-designed toy from Smart Pet Love called a Snuggle Puppy could help your dog deal with anxiety when you are away.

The adorable stuffed pup has a heat pack and a pulsing heartbeat. When your own pup cuddles close, the toy simulates the security they felt when they nestled with their mom and litter mates.


Does It Really Work?

The manufacturer recommends introducing the stuffed toy to your new puppy during crate training, monitoring your dog at first to make sure they learn not to chew on it. So, this toy might not be a good fit for an older pooch, but it could be just what your new little furbaby needs to grow up feeling safe and secure.

If you check out the brand’s Instagram page, you will see some very happy customers, such as this adorable mini-goldendoodle named Hugo.

His post is captioned with a glowing review from both pet and pet-mom: “I love my Snugglepuppy ❤️ Mom recommends this for all the little puppies that are getting used to sleeping without their littermates! The Snugglepuppy has a heartbeat and a heatpack inside so I don’t feel like I’m sleeping alone🐶”

You can get your paws on a Snuggle Puppy on Amazon or at most popular pet retailers starting at about $40.

You can also find a “new puppy starter kit,” which includes a Snuggle Puppy plus three heat packs, a toy, one snuggly blanket and a teething aid. The complete package costs $69.99 on Amazon and is meant to ease a puppy’s transition to their new “furever” home.


Would your pup enjoy a new stuffed animal pal?

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