People enjoy first weekend of camping at Colorado state parks

Posted at 4:44 PM, May 16, 2020

CHERRY CREEK STATE PARK, Colo. — Those old familiar sounds and visions of summers past are back.

"We're Loving it. It's nice to hear the wind blow and hear people having fun around us," Suzi Latona said.

Tents, RV's and picnics show people are camping again in Colorado state parks.

It's something the Latona family wasn't sure would happen this weekend at Cherry Creek State Park.

"On Tuesday, we got an email that said never mind you can still have your spot," Latona said.

But not every campsite at Cherry Creek is filled.

"We've opened up through the weekend at 50 percent capacity, so that's why we're reminding folks, if you want to go camping, you need to get a reservation," Colorado Parks and Wildlife Public Information Officer Travis Duncan said.

The Niv family lives close by, and Wass lucky enough to have a reservation.

"It's nice to be outside. It's nice to be with other people. Sixty-five days I've been working from home now," Yiftah Niv said.

Camping provided them and others out at the campgrounds with a much needed outdoor break.

"We've been anxious, getting cabin fever. Yeah, we went backyard camping once," Yiftah and his wife Hadar added.

Everyone is thinking the same thing.

"We have friends there and friends there, and this is the first time we've really all been together," Latona said.

"We know getting outside is important for people, especially right now when people are all cooped up," Duncan added.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants campers to get any supplies close to home to avoid unnecessary contact with others and make sure to keep proper social distancing.

"Our park managers are going to be evaluating after this weekend how it went. If we need to change anything that we're doing but so far so good," Duncan said.

So far, so good -- none of the campers out here will argue with that.

"It's just nice to have our community back. To hang out with our friends again," Latona said.

And hopefully many more times this summer.

"We'll probably get out a few more times, yeah," she said.

A piece of Colorado, back again.