Denver Mobile Hair salon finds success during COVID-19 pandemic

Mobile Hair salon was founded in 2016 and has plans to expand
Denver Mobile Hair salon
Posted at 10:56 AM, Nov 27, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-05 15:42:11-05

DENVER — When people are being told to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, convenient services are key.

“For the last seven to eight months since everything that has been happening with COVID, even more so, I really just rely on services that are mobile,” says Denver resident Karen Martiz. “I like calling Denver Mobile Hair to come to my house to do my hair because it’s super convenient, especially now a days with everything that’s going on.”

Denver Mobile Hair was founded in 2016 by Karessa Lauvergeon, a hair stylist who got the idea in 2012 after speaking with a client about the added costs of a hair salon appointment.

“Not only is she paying for her hair, but she’s paying for parking, she usually gets lunch, she’s paying for a babysitter,” says Lauvergeon. “She just jokingly was like, ‘I wish you could just come to my house and do my hair; it would save so much time and hassle.’”

Now, Denver Mobile Hair has grown to four different stylists who have a large range of clientele. They offer all of the services of a full-service salon, taking all of the necessary equipment to each client’s home.

“Everything from haircuts for the whole family, to colors, highlights, Brazilian blowouts, extensions — we really do it all,” says Lauvergeon. “As far as quality, it’s not much different because we have been able to figure out a way to convert a sink into a very comfortable shampoo bowl, so we don’t really cut any corners as far as the salon experience.”

Even with tight restrictions because of the pandemic, they have been able to adapt and continue working with clients.

“We definitely had an advantage because we were already operating on this level, we just tighten things up a little bit with, you know, precautions as far as wearing masks,” says Lauvergeon. “We've always been really good about sanitizing, it's just something we have to do in between clients and at the end of the day.

At the end of December, Lauvergeon says she will be expanding her business with the goal of reaching clients outside of Colorado under the new name Mobile Salon Pros.

“Our goal is to become the Uber of hair and we would love to be nationwide or even worldwide.”

Being able to help clients feel their best is what Lauvergeon enjoys the most about her job.

“Honestly, making people feel good and knowing that we are able to provide a service to all sorts of people — anyone, anywhere, anytime, it doesn't matter. If it's based on convenience or in need, we are able to help out so many people and that makes me really happy,” she said.