As Colorado rebounds from COVID-19, who is hiring?

Posted at 5:56 PM, Jun 05, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-05 20:00:19-05

DENVER -- As the Colorado economy rebounds from COVID-19, businesses large and small are hiring once again.

“Business has been picking up a lot,” said Jake Lane, the shop manager at Action Security Iron in Denver. His shop is looking to immediately make a hire. “We are hiring for another experienced fabricator so I can take on some roles in other places.”

He needs to take on new roles as the orders for custom security doors and fencing increase.

“We thought as soon as this coronavirus thing came around that this could be very detrimental for our business,” he said. “Now we are kinda thinking it is going to be a pretty decent year for us.”

It turns out that many industries are hiring right now, even amid a global economic showdown. According to the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, financial services, information technology, cyber security, aerospace and defense and healthcare are all starting to expand again.

“Because we have a diverse economy and a diverse set of industries, Colorado has been better able to weather this storm,” explained Sam Bailey of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, a branch of the Chamber. He says, in case there is any doubt “people are hiring again.”

The economy is still sluggish, and many industries, especially around tourism and hospitality, are still struggling. But Bailey says, if you are driven, and a little creative, there are jobs available.

The first step is to look at your résumé.

“Make sure your skills are adaptable for the position to be hired. Make sure you are customizing your résumé for every job you are applying for,” he said.

Then, ensure you polish your networking skills.

“Try to engage personally with an employer. Start to have a conversation with them before you apply.”

Finally, don’t give up.

“I think we will see some hesitation in moving right back,” explained Bailey. “I think we will see a more gradual approach as people feel more comfortable and certainly, their workforces feel more comfortable.”

The Chamber is revamping its job website this month, helping laid off workers match their skills with seeking employers. Linkedin and Indeed have also posted thousands of job openings for the Denver area. A sign that, if you are looking for a job, the options are increasing once again.