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Pressure Ramps Up On Gov. Cuomo After More Misconduct Allegations

Governors call charges against Gov. Cuomo disturbing as more allegations of misconduct, bullying emerge.
Posted at 2:56 PM, Mar 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-07 16:56:00-05

More pressure on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. More former colleagues alleging inappropriate behavior over the telling the Wall Street Journal he tried to kiss her hand...another telling the Washington Post of repeated—and *unwanted—hugs from Cuomo.

Pressure from some of his fellow governors, too.

"I truly believe that he has a dog’s mess on his hands, and with all this where it stands, it's not going to do anything but get worse, and I would say he needs to resign," said Gov. Jim Justice of West Virginia, a Republican.

"This is deeply troubling, and more data points make it even more troubling," Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said.

"If accurate and true, I think we have to take action. But we also need to make sure that there is a thorough investigation," said Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat.

Cuomo apologized last week...saying his behavior was a mistake. 

“I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it," Cuomo said.

Lindsey Boylan, the first to accuse the governor of sexual harassment, wasn’t moved. On Saturday, she tweeted: "Resign, you disgusting monster."

But the 63-year-old Cuomo says he’s not going anywhere.

"I wasn’t elected by politicians. I was elected by the people of the state of New York. I’m not going to resign," he said in his apology.

On Sunday, he dug in, saying, "There are some legislators who suggest I resign. I'm not going to resign because of allegations."

A Washington Post investigation described a toxic workplace under Cuomo marked by bullying and intimidation.

But others defended Cuomo, with one adviser saying, quote, “The Governor is direct with employees if their work is sub-par."

As New York state Attorney General Letitia James investigates, the Democratic leader of New York’s Senate also called on Cuomo to quit Sunday...calling him a distraction.

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