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We're Open, Colorado: Grateful Bread in Golden alters sales to bring in the dough

Posted at 4:47 PM, Mar 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-28 19:34:39-04

GOLDEN, Colo. — Grateful Bread, a wholesale bakery in Golden, is among the many changing the way they do business because of the changes in the restaurant industry due to COVID-19.

"We have dozens of restaurants in Denver and Boulder and hotels. And that's our business. That's our prime business," Grateful Dead Public Relations Director Kristen Kidd said.

They always had one day set aside per week to sell to the public, but have since added pre-ordering and are looking to add more retail days to help bring in the dough.

"Last weekend, we had no idea whether anybody would show up, and when they did, it was confirmation that people were comfortable to come here," Kidd said.

She said their lines Saturday were twice as long as usual.

"We're kinda like the DMV. We're offering a take a number system for social distancing, so people don't have to stand next to each other," she added.

They are taking extra cleaning steps to make sure everything stays safe, and they're just grateful for their customers coming out to support them.

"It's so heartwarming. All the support we're getting from people. It's a lovefest back and forth. We just received so much support from them. We're thrilled," she said.