Neighbor to Marshall Fire destruction finds unique ways to give back during recovery

Liz Cunningham gathering clothing to distribute to neighbors in Superior who lost homes
Posted at 10:37 PM, Jan 03, 2022

SUPERIOR, Colo. — The Marshall Fire was a tragic game of chance.

With winds of more than 100 mph spreading the blaze, some houses were spared from the destruction while just feet away, others were turned to rubble.

Liz Cunningham is a lucky resident of Old Town Superior in the sense that her house is still standing in a neighborhood that was almost completely destroyed. But her community, and all the homes that used to house friendly neighbors, is victim to the fire.

"Charlie, who just finished construction on his house right across the street from me, he lost everything. My neighbors across the street have lived here for 30 years. The Border Collie family down the street that drove my Border Collie crazy, they lost everything," Cunningham said. "That's my community. I feel really sad for everybody, so whatever we can do to help."

On Monday, she gathered winter clothing from her friends who live across the state. She also gathered mountain apparel from her friends in Steamboat Springs and wool socks from Point6, an outfitter where she works.

"I reached out on Instagram and a bunch of people were willing to donate gear, high quality outdoor gear," she said. "Not everybody's fortunate to have the high quality gear, but those that do probably have too much of it. So, we're giving it away."

Her friends started pitching in, too, gathering in Superior Monday to donate what they could.

"I'm just happy to be close enough to be able to help a little bit," said Emily Sherman, who drove from Denver. "I am here to pitch in some jackets."

The generosity of neighbors and strangers alike was praised by Gov. Jared Polis on Monday during a press conference on the recovery.

"I want to thank the people of Colorado to really rising to assist those in need who suffered great loss," Polis said. "Thank you for your support for the families affected and your friends affected and our community."

For links on how you can help those impacted by the Marshall Fire, Denver7 has compiled a list of resources here.