Scientists cautious as erupting Spanish volcano falls quiet

Spain Volcano
Posted at 8:02 AM, Dec 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-14 10:02:06-05

MADRID (AP) — A volcano that has been spewing lava in Spain’s Canary Islands for almost three months has fallen quiet. But scientists are warning that the lull doesn't necessarily mean the eruption is over.

Scientists recorded no seismic activity from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma island for almost 12 hours.

That's the longest length of time with no earthquakes since the eruption began on Sept. 19.

But they said Tuesday the lull could be followed by a new surge in activity.

La Palma’s longest eruption on record has destroyed about 3,000 local buildings, entombed farmland in lava and forced several thousand people to abandon their homes.

No injuries or deaths have been directly linked to the eruption on the island of around 80,000 people.