WATCH: Crazy confrontation over parking spot

Posted at 4:24 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 18:24:12-04

It is a confrontation that you would see on Seinfeld, but it happened right in the heart of downtown Denver. 

A Maryland tourist visiting Denver to celebrate his mother-in-law's birthday witnessed a woman in pink workout clothes not only ready to break a sweat -- but also ready for a heated confrontation -- over a petty parking spot. 

In the video, a woman is seen with her right foot firm on the ground trying to prevent a white SUV from reversing into a parking spot near the intersection of 15th and Larimer streets.

"You can't do that!" the female driver inside the SUV shouts.

"Yes, I can!" the woman in the pink spandex and pink visor shouts back. She then yells, "Move it, lady!"

According to Ryan O'Connor, who filmed the Sept. 6. confrontation and gave 7NEWS access to the video, the woman preventing the SUV from backing up was trying to reserve the spot.

"Fine, I'm calling the police right now. You're running me over!" the woman standing behind the SUV screamed.

A male driver then pulls up in a dark blue SUV, and tries to get the female driver to move but she doesn't budge.

"Yeah, I've got all day," he says in the video as they appear locked in a stalemate. 

The pink-clad woman  then turns toward the cellphone camera and tells O'Connor, "She's running me over."

The white SUV was not moving at the time.

Both the man in the video and the spandex woman behind the SUV then ask the driver if she's going to run the woman over before the video ends abruptly. 

O'Connor stops recording but said during the confrontation, the male driver ran over to a nearby cop to get his attention, but the cop just drove off.

Eventually, the white SUV drives away.

"I'm sure if she had gotten that spot, her tires would have been slashed," O'Connor said.

O'Connor said he recorded the video because he has never witnessed anything so ridiculous.

"Really, was this worth it? They were probably just trying to save a couple of dollars because right behind them was a multi-story parking lot," O'Connor said.

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