VIDEO: 'Henry the Emotional Environmentalist'

VIDEO: 'Henry the Emotional Environmentalist'
Posted at 2:24 PM, May 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 16:24:38-04

If only everyone cared this much about protecting the planet.

"Henry the Emotional Environmentalist" is on a mission to stop people who litter - but don't expect him to stage a peaceful protest.

He's so upset about it he might just do something drastic.

"The planet is being wrecked. People are just being rude to it," Henry says through his tears. "I could just call them dumb people. Or maybe even a bad word."

"I'm going to try to fight them off, when I'm a grownup," Henry cries.

The video posted on YouTube is going viral.

Seattle TV station KOMO talked to the 6-year-old boy and his mother, Allie Hall.

"My teacher showed the kids at school a video in class of a chickadee eating trash and I almost cried and that's why I'm fired up," KOMO quoted Henry as saying.

"Baby animals, they eat the garbage and I hate the people who make them do that!" Henry sobs in the backseat.

In the video, the future eco-warrior say he can't wait until he's a grownup to start his mission.

"I had no idea he was this passionate about our planet," his mom wrote on YouTube.

According to KOMO, Henry's meltdown had been viewed more than 5 million times as of Saturday.

You can follow Henry's mission to save the planet from "dumb people" on Facebook: