VIDEO: Best news crasher ever.

Posted at 7:05 AM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 10:26:03-05

News crashers can be a nightmare for TV news reporters and producers.

Sometimes it's a half-naked person running through the live report. Sometimes it's a guy wearing a horse mask. And, all too frequently lately, it's someone screaming profanities about female genitalia. 

But a reporter in Australia was fortunate enough to have the most cooperative and cordial news crasher of all time.

Channel Nine reporter Madeline Slattery was doing a story from Melbourne Zoo when an orangutan showed everyone how to behave properly during a live shot.

The orangutan obligingly positioned itself perfectly in the shot and then stood very still and gave its best smile!

Please, aspiring news crashers, let this be a lesson. We're pretty sure this orangutan's mother is very proud.

Watch the video here: