Picture of Franktown 8-year-old selling lamb at Douglas County Fair goes viral

Posted at 6:45 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 21:18:56-04

FRANKTOWN, Colo. – A picture posted by a Franktown family on Facebook of an 8-year-old boy giving away a lamb away that he helped raise for a project of the 4-H program is going viral. 

The 4-H program helps young people learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills. 4-H Colorado is part of the Colorado State University Extension project.

Dalton Carpenter, 8, had a picture taken of him by his family as he was giving his lamb away moments after it was sold in the Douglas County Fair.

In the photo, Dalton is seen shedding tears as he is prepares to say good-bye to his lamb, Beans.

“I wanted to join 4-H so we got the lambs,” Dalton said. “We’d hang out with them, we’d love them, we’d exercise them and raise them.”

Dalton spent every day from March until August taking care of his two lambs, Pork and Beans.

At the fair, Dalton had to let Beans go after it was sold for $2,100.

“It was hard,” Dalton said. “Because I raised her. I took care of her. And then she was gone.”

Dalton’s parents, Brittney and Dillon Carpenter and Chantelle King couldn’t have been prouder of their son.

“He was a kid that would really shut down when anybody would ask him anything challenging,” Brittney said. “In that ring we just really saw him change. He just got really proud and was showing off his lamb with his head up instead of the kid who would walk with his head down.”

“I’m proud of you,” said King as she kissed Dalton on the forehead.

“He is usually a quiet kid in school,” Dillon said. “But he changed after this. It’s going to be great to see him go into third (grade) especially after 4-H.”

“This taught me to face my fears and be confident,” Dalton said.

Brittney was the one who took the picture of Dalton with his lamb.

“I really wanted to capture that moment for him,” Brittney said. “So, he could look back on it, even though he was feeling so much, he still followed through because he wanted to finish the whole thing himself. Growing up as a farm kid, I wanted to show everyone that parting with animals that they have worked with - even destined for meat - is not easy, but these kids want to contribute to something bigger,” Brittney said. 

Dalton’s father, Dillon, ended up buying another lamb that night, and Dalton plans to breed lambs and raise them.