On Veterans Day, nationwide and local gestures of appreciation

Posted at 6:00 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 22:00:44-05

DENVER -- On Veterans Day, we remember those who've served and who've given so much to give us the liberties we sometimes take for granted.

But there's something we shouldn't take for granted -- the incredible acts of kindness people do to honor those who've sacrificed so much for this country.

Denver7 has gathered the following moments where veterans, sports teams as well as the public, have come together to honor our vets.

Local group waves flags to remember veterans

About a dozen people stood on an overpass near Belleview Friday morning, under about a dozen American flags. They waved, and the drivers below beeped back.

Their mission? Remind people about Veterans Day and in honor of the vets that have served. 

You can watch our full story on these volunteers here

City and County building goes green

In honor of Veterans Day, Mayor Michael B. Hancock announced Friday that the tower of the City and County Building will be lit green throughout the weekend of Nov. 11 through Nov. 13.

"Denver honors the brave men and women of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard who have selflessly served the United States of America," Mayor Hancock said. "This movement is a simple yet impactful way for residents to show our enduring gratitude for those who have served our country, and we¹re proud to take part. We recognize the commitment and sacrifice our veterans have made for our country and our freedoms, and we recommit ourselves to support our members of the Armed Forces and their families alongside them."

A message from the Aurora Police Department

Aurora Chief of Police Nick Metz had a message from the Colorado Freedom Memorial for those who've served and for those who continue to serve this great country:

Sports teams thank our veterans

The Denver Broncos uploaded a simple message to their Vine account, with only a hashtag to send their message: #SaluteToService. 

But that wasn't all. 

Before the Colorado Avalanche dropped the puck against the Winnipeg Jets, the team could be seen walking out with camouflage jerseys reminiscent of military uniforms. 

Outside Colorado, First Lady Michelle Obama took the defending NBA champions to the basketball court, where a group of veterans was getting a tour of the White House in celebration of Veterans Day.  

LeBron James thanked the veterans for their service and got them tickets to their game against the Washington Wizards in Washington, D.C., FN reported

Surprise homecomings

Surprises come when we least expect them, and that was the case for a woman in Minnesota who never expected her husband, a specialist with the U.S. Army, to come home during her birthday. 

The surprise may bring tears to your eyes. 

11-year-old old plays for veteran

An 11-year-old went viral after he played his trumped when he learned that disabled World War II veteran and his daughter drove a long way to watch a Memorial Day parade in eastern New York that never took place due to inclement weather. 

Watch his performance below: 

Runners stop for veteran

Runners participating in the San Jose 408K Marathon stopped to honor a World War II veteran who was watching the event in uniform. 

Watch this incredible act of appreciation below: 

Jeep's Veterans Day ad

Jeep released an incredible ad honoring the men and woman who've served "by way of the very first vehicle to be considered for a Purple Heart to honor its service in WWII," according to

Watch the ad below: 

What Would You Do? 

What will people do when a military veteran doesn't have enough cash to buy his groceries? This is what they did:


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