Not a drive thru: Car goes through Denver restaurant for 3rd time this year

Posted at 3:20 PM, Dec 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-02 17:20:57-05

DENVER -- A popular Denver restaurant has been hit by a car... again.

Early Saturday morning, a car slammed into the Hornet on Broadway, causing several thousand dollars worth of damage. Thankfully no one was hurt. 

The third time was not the charm at the Hornet restaurant on 1st and Broadway.

The car went "right between the light post and the planter and proceeded right through our store front," owner Sean Workman told Denver7. 

Workman showed Denver7 the boarded up windows after a BMW plowed into the Hornet Saturday morning — the third time the restaurant has been hit by a vehicle this year — and the second incident in two weeks.

“I thought they were joking,” said Workman after getting the call.

Surveillance video from 2:16 in the morning shows bartender Kevin Clyde walk out of the way moments before impact.

“I was standing where the car hit and as I walked away, the car entered the building,” Clyde said. “Sounded like a complete explosion. Something that will stick with you the rest of your life.”

Clyde says three young females and a young male driver ran from the scene.

“If I had just even hesitated, my life would not exist.”

“Was he drinking?" asked Denver7's Tom Mustin. "The man was not sober," said Clyde.

The driver was quickly arrested after being stopped a few doors down by another business owner. Clyde had little sympathy for the man who nearly ended his life. 

“He made the choice to do this that affects a lot more people than him. I wish he was thinking beyond himself before he stepped behind the wheel,” Clyde said. 

Workman says the city installed concrete barriers around the Hornet, after previous incidents, but somehow the car squeezed through. He said this latest crash caused about $60,000 worth of damage. Now his staff is working hard to keep the building open during the busy holiday season.

“Come help out our staff. We lost 40 percent of our seats; it's a loss of income for a lot of our staff," said Workman.

And as Hornet employees like Clyde counted their blessings, Workman had a message for drivers near his restaurant.

“Slow down. Slow down on Broadway. It's a pedestrian area. More importantly, we don't want to see anybody hurt.”

Denver police say the driver is being held on suspicion of DUI. His name has not been released.