Hikers save dog that had been stranded on Colorado 14er for 6 weeks

Posted at 8:58 PM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 18:21:40-04

PARK COUNTY, Colo. – A dog that went missing for six weeks made it back some safe after a group of hikers were able to rescue her from a Colorado 14er this month.

Sean Nichols, who was part of the group who saved Chloe, told Denver7 a woman named Trinity saw a post on where someone reported a dog crying on the side of a 14er.

Everyone assumed it was a coyote, but Trinity didn't want to take a chance and hiked up toward the top of Mt. Bross in the Pike National Forest in Park County by herself to search for the crying dog, according to Nichols.

Nichols told Denver7 the woman reportedly came back down in search for help and found a Breckenridge man who was able to take her back up on a jeep to try and rescue the dog.

Unfortunately, pitch-black conditions prevented the rescue that night.

The next morning, Nichols said, both of them went back up and spent three or four hours calling the dog who quit answering to commands.

Nichols told Denver7 he climbed up every chute calling for the dog and as the couple was about to head back down, the dog finally gave a faint bark, giving away her location.

He said he climbed up a chute to grab her off a giant rock and then slid back down with Chloe on his lap.

Nichols said the owners lost Chloe around Aug. 10 and had been searching for her ever since.

He said Chloe ran off with a younger pup who eventually came back down, but she was stuck on a very “cliffed out portion of Mt. Bross” for six weeks.

“She is currently at home with her grateful owner's, beginning the recovery process,” Nichols said. “She is sleeping, eating, using the bathroom, and doing great, all in all, considering the circumstances. Mt Bross is currently covered in snow, so completing the rescue yesterday was absolutely necessary.”