Dying woman learns unborn grandchild's gender with daughter

Posted at 12:46 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 14:49:18-04

WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- While one family mourns the loss of a soon-to-be grandmother, they're rejoicing the opportunity to celebrate a growing family. 

Taylor Masilotti says her mother Donna Callender was able to learn the gender of her unborn grandchild while on her deathbed in a local hospital. 

On July 27, Masilotti climbed into her mother's bed to undergo an ultrasound that would tell her family the gender of her unborn child. 

Side-by-side, the two shared a look and found out the baby's gender together. 

"I got to lay next to her, hold her hand and cry happy tears while we found out the gender of the baby. I can't thank the hospital enough for allowing this to happen," Masilotti wrote. 

Caught on camera by Masilotti's boyfriend, the group learned the child's gender -- a girl. The look the two shared melted the hearts of millions, as the video has since gone viral.

Days after that happy moment, Callender lost her battle to cancer. But Callender's family is confident she will be watching over her grandchild, still. 

On Aug. 1, Masilotti wrote, "Please keep a close eye on this baby girl. We love you more than the blades of grass on this Earth." 

Masilotti said her family has decided to name their child Stella.