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Space Foundation receives a life-sized model of the James Webb Telescope

The model is three stories tall, one tennis court wide, weighs as much as two elephants and costs $1 million
Posted at 6:51 AM, Apr 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-10 08:51:26-04

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Crowds cheered at the Space Symposium as the Space Foundation announced it had received a donation from Northrop Grumman worth $1 million — a life-sized replica of the James Webb Telescope.

"The James Webb space telescope is the most amazing scientific tool of our generation," Space Foundation Vice President of Development Suzanne Sakai Musgrave said.

The actual James Webb telescope was launched in 2021 and by using new technology, it has been able to get the clearest images yet of galaxies light years away.

"At the Space Foundation, we are going to take those lessons and translate them into education programs for students in Colorado and around the world," Sakai Musgrave said.

She said the Space Foundation has been working for more than a year to receive this donation, and for now, it's stored in its warehouse. The model is three stories tall, weighs as much as two elephants and is one tennis court wide. In the future, it will be on display for everyone to see.

"As you drive down Garden of the Gods Road, you will be able to see this beautiful, glass space all lit up!" Musgrave said.

The nonprofit hopes this will drive more visitors to Colorado Springs while simultaneously encouraging young students to think about how they can help humanity in the stars.

"There's a place for you in space. Even if you are not a math whiz or a science brainiac, there's a place for you to make your contribution to the future of our planet," Musgrave said.

Life-sized model of James Webb Space Telescope donated to the Space Foundation