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President touts Bidenomics in Pueblo visit Wednesday

Posted at 9:40 AM, Nov 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-30 11:40:50-05

PUEBLO, Colo. — President Joe Biden celebrated federal investments in clean energy development for spurring manufacturing growth in Pueblo during a visit to the city Wednesday.

The president took a tour of the CS Wind tower manufacturing plant before giving a speech to a crowd of employees, company executives, and state and local elected officials.

Biden took to the stage by walking through one of the massive wind towers produced at the plant, the largest of its kind in the world.

"All across America, instead of exporting jobs companies both foreign and domestic are creating jobs here in America and exporting American-made products," President Biden said.

CS Wind launched a major expansion in April. The company has already doubled its workforce from roughly 400 employees to more than 900.

Board Chairman Gim Seong-Gon, who flew in from South Korea to attend the event, told the audience the company plans to hire as many as 850 new employees by 2026.

"We extend our gratitude once again to President Biden for enabling us to be a part of history through the IRA," Chairman Gim said.

The Inflation Reduction Act incentivized power companies to buy wind and solar generation equipment that is made in America. CS Wind plans to increase its output to 10,000 towers per year.

"When President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, this factory found new life," Tony Salerno, the Production Manager for CS WIND America.

Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradsidar welcomed the president to what he called "the renewable energy capital of Colorado." In addition to boasting the world's largest wind tower plant, Pueblo is also home to the world's first solar power steel mill.

"We know that we are in the beginning stages of transitioning our economy and our country and reducing our carbon footprint," Gradisar said. "Together we can make this successful for everyone."

Governor Jared Polis also celebrated the many investments in renewable energy production happening across the state.

"This year alone, we've attracted more than $1 billion in clean energy investments to Colorado to support solar, wind, and battery manufacturing," Gov. Polis said.

In his speech, the president also called attention to the federal investments in Colorado. For example, the infrastructure bill contains money to build the long-awaited Arkansas Valley Conduit. The pipeline will deliver fresh water from Pueblo to 50,000 residents in Southeastern Colorado.

The president credited incentives in the CHIPS Act with motivating an $880 million expansion by the company Microchip at their plant in Colorado Springs.

"Since I took office, my investing in America agenda has led to a manufacturing boom that’s attracted over $600 billion, $600 billion in private investment from private companies in America and around the world," the president said.

Pres. Biden did not hold back from criticizing Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert for opposing those bills. Boepert represents Pueblo as part of the 3rd Congressional District.

Rep. Boebert issued a statement Wednesday blaming the President's policies for high inflation squeezing working-class Coloradans.

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