CDOT: I-70 traction law improves mountain drive

Posted at 6:27 AM, Dec 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 08:27:20-05

Transportation officials say travel along the Interstate 70 mountain corridor has improved partly because of stricter enforcement of the state's new traction law.

The Denver Post reports the state's new law, Code 15, was implemented more than 60 times along the highway between Oct. 22 and Dec. 1. All passenger vehicles are required to have snow tires, or chains or an alternative traction device when the law is in effect.

Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Amy Ford says Code 15 is being implemented more now than in the past. She says there have been less driving problems on I-70 partly because of the law.

Transportation officials have not yet had to use Code 16, which requires all vehicles on the roadway to have chains or another traction device.