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Hank the Tank's bear cubs released into the wild after rehab in California

'Hank the Tank' bear moved to sanctuary after breaking into 21 homes
Posted at 11:12 AM, Jun 10, 2024

Hank the Tank, now know as Henrietta, was previously linked to a number of break-ins over the course of several years before being captured and taken to a Colorado wild animal sanctuary last year.

Meanwhile, her three equally troublesome cubs were taken to a rehab facility in Sonoma County, California to help them unlearn bad habits.

After relearning to be wary of humans, the cubs were successfully released into the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Officials used nontoxic paintballs, airhorns and yelled to give the bears the urgency to move along.

Their tracking collars are set to fall off after nine months. Afterward, officials will retrieve and reuse the collars.

Hank the Tank's bear cubs released into the wild