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General James Dickinson: USSPACECOM reaches full operational capabilities

Posted at 7:41 AM, Dec 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-18 09:45:30-05

The United States 11th and newest combatant command headquarters has reached full operational capability according to its commander.

Army General James Dickinson announced USSPACECOM's operational status following a review of the station's operational capabilities.

“Since its establishment in 2019, USSPACECOM has been singularly focused on delivering exquisite capability to the joint force to deter conflict, defend our vital interests, and if necessary, defeat aggression,” Dickinson said. “Thanks to the disciplined initiative of our people and the support of our joint, combined and partnered team, I can confidently say we have reached full operational capability.”

The announcement comes five months after the Biden Administration decided to keep the Space Command headquarters in Colorado Springs. Johnna Reeder Kleymeyer, the CEO of the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, said the decision to keep it here gave reassurance to many defense companies in the area. Now, the announcement of full capability brings even more certainty to the industry.

“I think this gives certainty all companies need to avoid risk and by having the certainty that now Space Command is fully operational in its Colorado Springs home, this will allow companies to make decisions on where they’re investing, on hiring employees, on the contracts that could be available to support Space Command," she said.

The defense and cybersecurity sectors make up 40% of the Colorado Springs economy and more than $7 billion is spent each year in the defense sector in the area, she said.

Congressman Doug Lamborn congratulated the U.S. Space Command in a statement on Friday.

“Today’s USSSPACECOM FOC announcement is the pinnacle of more than four years of hard work by General Raymond, General Dickinson, and our Guardians. This achievement continues to show that Colorado Springs is the right location for USSPACECOM for our nation’s readiness."
Congressman Doug Lamborn.

Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet also responded to the news of full operational capability.

“Our entire state fought to keep Space Command in Colorado so we could achieve Full Operational Capability as quickly as humanly possible! The dedication of the service members and civilians at USSPACECOM made it happen and our country and the world will be safer for it."
Senator John Hickenlooper
“Colorado was selected as the rightful home for U.S. Space Command because of our state’s extensive spaceand national security assets and robust aerospace economy. In the face of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s saber-rattling worldwide, U.S. leadership in space is more critical than ever. SpaceCommand is now at Full Operational Capability in Colorado Springs, and our national security is stronger as a result.”
Senator Michael Bennet

General James Dickinson: USSPACECOM reaches full operational capabilities