Trump rallies supporters in Greeley as Election Day nears

Posted at 9:35 PM, Oct 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-30 23:35:25-04

GREELEY, Colo. -- For the second day in a row, Donald Trump rallied Colorado voters just nine days before the November General Election on Nov. 8.

The republican nominee spent Saturday in battleground Jefferson County and held another rally on the UNC campus in Greeley on Sunday.

Greeley, which is located in Weld County, is a traditionally Republican county.

Trump took the stage in Greeley holding a rainbow LGBTQ flag from one his supporters. He then hinted at possible voter fraud in Colorado.

"Do you think those ballots are properly counted?" Trump asked the crowd who yelled back, "No!"

"I know there are all saying, 'oh, of course everything is so legitimate, everything is so -- perhaps I'm a more skeptical person, ok," said Trump.

Despite the fact the Denver Broncos played during the rally, more than 2,000 people packed the arena.

"This crowd -- there are thousands of people outside and you have the Denver Broncos, your team is playing right now," said Trump.

Trump also attacked on Sunday what he called Clinton's latest "bombshell of corruption," referring to the 650,000 new emails the F.B.I. has now said it will examine.

"This could be the mother lode, you know," he said.

Trump then shifted gears by telling the crowd, "let's talk positive."

"I'm starting to think we'll go positive cause, you know, it's all bad borders, our military's depleted," he said.

The Republican nominee ended his speech by talking about his plans to lower taxes, improve the economy and stop what he called the war on American energy.

"My administration will put the miners back to work, and we will unleash the power of clean coal, oil, natural gas and shale energy," said Trump. 


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