Political mail flyers work, DU political expert says

Posted at 6:35 PM, Oct 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-30 20:41:15-04

DENVER – We know you’re tired of TV political ads. And those mailers might not make you any happier.

But they work, according to University of Denver’s Center on America Politics Director Seth Masket.

“You have to really inundate them with stuff before them the message actually gets through,” Masket said. “A certain amount of campaign spending and advertisement is needed just so voters know who you are and have some rough idea what you stand for.”

Masket says the goal of political operatives in a mid-term election is to inundate voters.

“Right now is the time to do it in the sense that you know Colorado's voters have their ballots in front of them most of them are just figuring out right now how they're going to vote on most of these things,” he said.

Thornton resident Eileen Birk says she’s ready for it all to stop.

“I went to my mailbox last week, and there were six in there endorsing the same candidate,” she said. “They basically almost want you to just give up,  just sort of give in and just sort of submit and be sort of brainwashed by what they're sending you. That's how it feels to me.”

She says she doesn’t even look at them but says she plans to vote.

“Yeah I just recycle them; I don't even look at them,” she said.

Even if you don’t read the flyers, Masket says they affect people such as Birk.

“Voters need to be reminded to vote,” he said.