Governor Hickenlooper signs bill increasing fine for texting and driving

Conviction will be 4-point violation
Posted at 6:22 PM, Jun 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-01 23:40:45-04

DENVER -- Texting while driving is a growing problem in Colorado.

From January 2014 to January 2017, more than 930 drivers were convicted for texting and driving, many after being involved in accidents.

Governor John Hickenlooper hopes Senate Bill 17-27 will lower that number.

The bill he signed Thursday will septuple the fine from the current $50 and 1 point against your license to $300 and 4 points against your license.

Wisconsin visitor Vicki Capper questions whether the fine is stiff enough.

"I've seen more texting and driving in the four days that I've been in this state than I have seen in my entire life," she said.

Capper said she's seen several close calls.

"Yesterday...someone just tried pulling over on top of me and I know they were texting and driving because I had been at the stoplight and you don't drive while looking at your lap."

Aurora resident Mike Aspleaf agrees with the increased fines, "wholeheartedly."

The hardwood flooring expert said he's always on the interstate highways and sees other drivers texting and driving daily.

"You see somebody slamming on the brakes," he said. "You see their car standing on end, and you see the phone in their hand and they're looking at the phone."

Arthur Collins says texting and driving is pretty prevalent in Denver. He too, has seen close calls.

"Two months ago, someone got rear-ended and it seemed pretty obvious that the person driving the second vehicle was texting," he said. "It not safe. It's a distraction and people should pay attention when they're on the road."