Erie voters take a stand against oil and gas in Tuesday's election

New mayor and three town trustees elected
Posted at 11:30 AM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 20:13:22-04

ERIE, Colo. -- Despite tens of thousands of dollars spent by special interest groups tied to oil and gas, Erie voters on Tuesday elected a new mayor and three town trustees who ran on platforms for more local control of energy development in the community.

In recent months, the booming small town has found itself on the front lines of the fracking debate and at the center of residential drilling close to neighborhoods.

Tuesday's election outcome is seen as a win for growing anti-oil and gas sentiments in the town.

Mayoral candidate Jennifer Carroll, who has characterized herself as a champion for local control and a common-sense oil and gas regulation, won by a large-margin.

The final unofficial results Tuesday evening showed Carroll leading with 4,726 total votes.

Official results will not come back for another 10 days.

Dan Woog, the other mayoral candidate, had 2,029 votes. Woog will continue to serve as a town trustee.

Nine candidates ran for town trustee and the top three with the most votes won seats on the new board.

Bill Gippe had 3,415 votes, followed by Adam Haid, with 3,311, and Christiaan van Woudenberg, with 2,708.

Denver7 found a group with ties to the oil and gas industry, Vital for Colorado, spent upwards of $55,000 on the election in support of four pro-business candidates: Mayoral candidate Dan Woog, and trustee candidates Barry Luginbill, Mackenzie Ferrie and Liz Locricchio.

Despite the money from outside interest groups, none of Erie's four pro-business candidates could get enough votes to top other anti-drilling candidates who have expressed the need for more local control and negotiating more restrictive terms with oil and gas operators in the town.

Erie's Town Clerk Office will certify the election results by April 13 and the newly-elected mayor and trustees will take the oath of office on April 24 during a Board of Trustee's meeting.