Donald Trump endorsements waver in Colorado

Posted at 10:03 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-07 18:26:37-04

Donald Trump is struggling to get endorsements from key Republican leaders, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and former presidential contender Jeb Bush.

In Colorado, Republicans vary in their support.

"I will be supporting Mr. Trump because Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate who has jeopardized national security secrets and supports liberal policies that would be bad for America," said Representative Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, in a statement to Denver7.

Yet fellow Republican Representative Mike Coffman isn’t as supportive.

"Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have tapped into a legitimate anger about the failures of Washington but instead of running a campaign built on a positive vision for overcoming these failures, Donald Trump has conducted a polarizing and divisive campaign. Hillary Clinton is a non-starter and lacks the integrity to lead this nation but Trump has a long way to go to earn the support of many - me included,” Coffman said in a statement.

Representative Ken Buck is also expressing his concerns.

"I'm disappointed that Ted Cruz left the race because I believed he was the most conservative candidate. I look forward to Mr. Trump demonstrating that he supports limited government, free market principles, and family values. We must beat Hillary Clinton, whose agenda for America will limit our freedom and liberty," said Buck.

"It signals a really deep level of disagreement within the Republican party. A fundamental disagreement over the direction of the Republican party," said University of Colorado political scientist Peter Hanson.

The Colorado GOP is supporting a Trump presidency, sending Denver7 this statement from party chair Steve House:

“The Colorado GOP would like to congratulate our likely presumptive nominee Donald J. Trump on taking a large step towards securing the Republican presidential nomination. Mr. Trump’s campaign brought out unprecedented enthusiasm among Republicans across the country throughout this primary season, and our Party will need to harness that energy to defeat Hillary Clinton this fall,” said Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House.

“America is ready for a leader who understands the threats facing us globally, one who has waded through mountains of regulation to create thousands of jobs, and who won’t apologize for our success. Colorado stands ready to Make America Great Again.”

“A Clinton presidency would be a cataclysmic disaster for our economy and conservative values, and we need to unite now if we are going to stop her.”


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