Election 2018: Live updates on Colorado's midterm election results

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Posted at 3:54 PM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-07 02:42:18-05

DENVER – Tuesday is Election Day in Colorado, where voters will be electing a new governor and attorney general, as well as which party will keep hold of the respective houses of the state General Assembly and a host of ballot questions.

Denver7 will be live-blogging results all night in this space. Refresh the page and scroll down for the latest updates. You can also read more about the 2018 midterm election and stay up-to-date with the latest results across the country on our 2018 Election Page.

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Live updates below (All times Mountain):

12:38 a.m. (11/7)

We have new stories up on the victories by Jared Polis in the governor's race and Jason Crow in Colorado's 6th congressional district.

We are calling it a night for now but will be back with more results in some of the not-yet-called races on Denver7 starting at 4:30 a.m. Thanks for tuning in!


11:08 p.m.

Democrat Phil Weiser is declaring victory over Republican George Brauchler in the state attorney general's race. Weiser leads by about 32,000 votes with 77 percent of precincts reporting. Weiser says to end his speech: "We have some work to do."

However, George Brauchler says he will not concede on Tuesday night, saying the race is too close to call. He wants to wait until final returns are in on Wednesday, he told Denver7 reporters.



10:49 p.m.

Neither the state House or state Senate makeup has been fully determined at this point, but The Associated Press says trends are favoring Democrats to gain two more seats in the House to build upon their majority, and to gain two seats in the state Senate in order to re-take the chamber from Republican control. If those trends hold, the Democrats would hold the governor’s office and both chambers of the General Assembly beginning in January.


10:35 p.m.

We have new stories up on Jena Griswold's victory over Wayne Williams in the Colorado secretary of state race, as well as a brief story on Colorado voters' approval of Amendment Y and Amendment Z – two redistricting measures.


10:15 p.m.

While many of the results are in for the biggest races in Colorado, we are still waiting on a few races that remain close. Amendment W, concerning judicial retention, still has not been called. Nor has the attorney general's race between Republican George Brauchler and Democrat Phil Weiser or the state treasurer's race between Democrat Dave Young and Republican Brian Watson.

While the state Democratic Party has declared victory in the state Senate, neither chamber in the full General Assembly has been called at this point.


10 p.m.

Colorado voters have rejected Amendment 74, the oil and gas industry-backed measure that would have awarded money to landowners affected by new state rules. 

State voters approved Amendment X, which redefines industrial hemp from a constitutional definition to a statutory definition.


9:50 p.m.

Colorado voters have rejected Proposition 110, which would have raised the state sales tax to help pay for transportation projects. Sixty percent voted against the measure, while 40 percent voted for it, according to the Secretary of State's Office.

We also have a story up on voters' rejection of Proposition 112, the oil and gas setbacks measure.


9:48 p.m.

Watch Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams' speech in which he concedes to Democrat Jena Griswold.



9:33 p.m.

Proposition 112, which would have created 2,500-foot setbacks for any new oil and gas development in relation to occupied homes, schools and some waterways, has failed, according to The Associated Press. The measure is currently failing 57.6 percent to 42.4 percent, according to the Secretary of State's Office.


9:30 p.m.

Incumbent Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams has conceded to Democrat Jena Griswold, who currently leads Williams 50.4 percent to 47.4 percent with 1.7 million votes counted, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

“Congratulations to Jena Griswold on her election as Colorado’s next Secretary of State. Jena has already distinguished herself as a dynamic leader who has big ideas to take Colorado forward, including expanding automatic voter registration, bolstering cybersecurity in our elections, working to end dark money in our politics, and supporting Colorado’s small businesses and entrepreneurs," party chair Morgan Carroll said in a statement. "We’re excited to have Jena, a rising star in the Democratic Party, as our new Secretary of State to ensure that every Coloradan’s voice is heard.”


9:17 p.m.

The Associated Press has projected more of Colorado's ballot issues:

  • Passed: Amendment Y, Congressional District Redistricting Commission
  • Passed: Amendment Z, General Assembly Redistricting Commission
  • Failed: Amendment V, reduce General Assembly age minimum to 21


9:02 p.m.

The Associated Press projects the following for several of Colorado's ballot issues:

  • Passed: Amendment A, which would prohibit slavery in Colorado.
  • Failed: Amendment 73, which would increase income tax rates for some earners to pay for education.
  • Failed: Proposition 109, which would raise money for transportation projects without raising taxes.
  • Failed: Amendment 75, which would have changed the rules for campaign funding limits.
  • Passed: Proposition 111, which puts caps on pay day loan interest rates.


8:57 p.m.

ABC News projects that Democrats will take hold of the U.S. House of Representatives after victories Tuesday night. The exact makeup is still to be decided. ABC News already reported that Republicans will keep hold of the U.S. Senate.


8:52 p.m.

Outgoing Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is term-limited, congratulated Jared Polis on his governor's race victory.


8:49 p.m.

Democrat Jason Crow thanked his supporters and the man he defeated, incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman, in his victory speech after winning Colorado's 6th congressional district. He sung a song of unity, saying that "Coffman and his supporters are not our enemies." He discussed the challenge of unseating Coffman and how hard his supporters and volunteers worked for him. "We don't back down when something is challenging."

"Tonight, I'm asking you to tune out the voices of hatred and division, because where we are going we will not need them," Crow said.



8:44 p.m.

In his victory speech Democrat Jared Polis thanked his supporters and his opponent, Walker Stapleton. He said he is proud to be Colorado's first openly-gay elected governor and looks forward to all Coloradans being able to "live and to love openly and proudly." He said he was "profoundly grateful for all the work we've done to overcome."

He also thanked his partner, Marlon Reis, whom he referred to as "the first First Man in the history of Colorado."



8:35 p.m.

ABC News projects that Republicans will retain control of the Senate.


8:32 p.m.

The Associated Press projects that Republican incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton has won re-election in Colorado's 3rd congressional district, defeating Diane Mitsch Bush 52 to 43 percent as of current numbers.

The AP also projects that Democrat Joe Neguse will win in Colorado's 2nd congressional district and replace Jared Polis, who won Colorado's governor's race this evening. The state Democratic Party congratulated Neguse on a victory earlier in the night.


8:23 p.m.

Five-term incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) conceded to Democrat Jason Crow in the 6th congressional district race. He said this election "was a referendum on the president." He said his campaign "shocked the world" in prior elections but couldn't overcome the vote against Trump. He thanked Crow and his family, along with his supporters in the 6th congressional district.

"We are all in this together ... let's go forward and acknowledge that we are a blessed people," Coffman said. "Serving this country has been the greatest honor of my life."



8:16 p.m.

In his concession speech, Walker Stapleton thanked his team, running mate Lang Sias and the people of Colorado. He said he called Jared Polis and congratulated him and said it was now "time for all of us to come together as Coloradans."



8:01 p.m.

The Colorado Democratic Party is congratulating Jason Crow on his victory in Colorado's 6th congressional district.

“Congratulations to Jason Crow on his hard-fought election to Congress," party chair Morgan Carroll said in a statement. "As a former Army Ranger and Bronze Star recipient, Jason has been a committed advocate for veterans and will bring the same leadership and values like hard work, honesty, and fairness to Congress. He will work to expand opportunities for all Coloradans. Whether it is raising incomes, improving our health care system, protecting our earned benefits, upholding the rule of law, or preserving our public lands, Jason will be a leader who puts Coloradans first.”


7:58 p.m.

The Colorado Democratic Party is congratulating Democrat Joe Neguse for winning the 2nd congressional district race. He currently leads Republican Peter Yu 65 to 30 percent. Neguse will take over the seat from Jared Polis, who won the Colorado governor’s race Tuesday.

“Congratulations to Congressman-Elect Joe Neguse on his historic election to Congress. As a 34-year-old son of immigrants and the first African-American elected to represent Colorado in Congress, Joe brings a fresh perspective to Washington and will work to expand opportunities for all Coloradans,” party chair Morgan Carroll said. “He will be a champion for working families, fight to protect our environment, and work endlessly to create universal health care. Joe is a rising star in our party and represents the next generation of Democratic leaders who will work tirelessly in Washington to benefit all Coloradans.”


7:51 p.m.

The Associated Press projects that incumbent Rep. Ken Buck, the Republican for Colorado's 4th congressional district, has defeated Democrat Karen McCormick. He currently leads 62-38 percent.


7:49 p.m.

ABC News projects that Democrat Jason Crow will unseat incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado’s 6th congressional district. He currently leads Coffman 53 percent to 45 with about 245,000 votes counted.

“I congratulate Representative-elect Jason Crow on his hard-fought victory in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District," Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Ben Ray Lujan said in a statement. "Jason is a decorated combat veteran who proudly served his country overseas and represents a new generation of leadership ready to tackle the tough issues in Washington. I look forward to serving alongside him in Congress to get results for the people of Colorado.”


7:40 p.m.

ABC News projects that Democrat Jared Polis will win the Colorado governor’s race. He currently leads Walker Stapleton 53 percent to 43 percent, with 52 percent reporting.

"Congratulations to Jared Polis on being elected as our state's next governor. Jared ran an inspiring campaign focused on bold solutions to the problems that Coloradans face, and Colorado voters rewarded Jared's positive vision with a decisive mandate to accomplish an agenda that will make us a national leader in bringing down health care costs, giving our kids the education they deserve, protecting our unique public lands, and expanding economic opportunity for all," Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll said in a statement.

"Thanks to steady Democratic leadership under our outgoing Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper, our state's economy is the envy of the nation, and under Jared Polis, we can improve on that success and keep building a positive economic future that works for every Coloradan.”

Rep. Doug Lamborn, the Republican who represents Colorado’s 5th congressional district, has also won re-election, according to the Associated Press.


7:33 p.m.

Colorado Democrats are congratulating Rep. Diana DeGette, the Democrat for Colorado’s 1st congressional district, for winning re-election, though the race has not been officially called. With 181,000 votes counted, DeGette leads Republican Casper Stockham 71 to 26 percent.

“Congratulations to Congresswoman Diana DeGette on winning re-election to her seat in Congress. As a leader on the Energy and Commerce Committee, co-Chair of the Pro Choice Caucus, and Chief Deputy Whip for the Democrats in the House, Diana has been a tireless advocate for our state and our country,” party chair Morgan Carroll said in a statement. “She will continue her leadership as she works on the issues that Coloradans care about: raising incomes, universal health care, combating climate change, preserving our public lands, and protecting the right to choose. By sending Diana back to Congress, her constituents have emphatically said that she is the right person to keep representing the Denver area in Washington.”


7:25 p.m.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter, the Democratic representative for Colorado's 7th congressional district, has won re-election, per The Associated Press. According to the Secretary of State's Office, Perlmutter leads Republican Mark Barrington and Libertarian Jennifer Nackerud 59.2% - 37.3% - 3.4% with 219,000 ballots in.

7:11 p.m.

Polls are now closed in Colorado.

Some very initial results from the Secretary of State’s Office, with a total of 407,388 ballots counted:

  • Democrat Jared Polis leads Republican Walker Stapleton 58.7 percent to 38.1 percent with 402,000 votes cast.
  • Democrat Jena Griswold leads incumbent Republican Wayne Williams 57.6 percent to 40.3 percent in the Secretary of State’s race with 397,000 ballots cast.
  • Democrat Phil Weiser leads Republican George Brauchler 56.6 percent to 40.9 percent with 398,000 ballots cast.
  • Proposition 112 currently failing 55.5 percent to 44.5 percent with just under 400,000 ballots cast.
  • Amendment 74 currently failing 55.8 percent to 44.2 percent with 396,000 ballots cast.


6:53 p.m.

County election officials are reminding voters that if they are in line to vote at 7 p.m. to stay there to be sure their votes are counted. If you are in line at 7 p.m., you will be allowed to vote.


6:48 p.m.

As of 6 p.m. there were 2,217,895 ballots returned by Colorado voters, according to the Secretary of State's Office. Democrats had a ~7,000 ballot lead over Republicans, and unaffiliated voters overtook Republican in the number of ballots returned.

Over 80,000 more women have voted than men so far, and about 140,000 more female Democrats voted so far than female Republicans.

Turnout sits at about 65.6 percent of active registered Colorado voters as of 6 p.m. This tops 2014 turnout, when 2,051,591 Coloradans cast ballots for a turnout of 56.9 percent.


6:13 p.m.

As of 5 p.m. there were 2,133,397 ballots returned by Colorado voters, according to the Secretary of State's Office. Democrats maintained a 9,000-ballot lead over Republicans, while unaffiliated voters continued to narrow the gap between themselves and major party voters.

Turnout as of 5 p.m. is about 63.1 percent.


6 p.m.

Track the big national races and more on this graphic from ABC News:



3:32 p.m.

As of 2:33 p.m., 2,062,777 ballots had been returned by Colorado voters, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. This tops 2014 turnout, when 2,051,591 Coloradans cast ballots for a turnout of 56.9 percent.

Women continue to lead men in voting so far, with about 78,000 more ballots returned. Democrats (689,238 ballots) also hold a 10,000-ballot lead over Republicans (679,685 ballots), and unaffiliated voters (665,669 ballots) have nearly caught up to the parties after trailing in early returns.

The current turnout as of 2:33 p.m. – out of the 3,379,992 active registered voters – is about 61 percent.

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