Trump, citizens need to reach out to each other after bitter election battle

Posted at 10:11 AM, Nov 13, 2016

DENVER -- With the country split over the results of the presidential race, analysts appearing on Denver7’s Politics Unplugged say they wish everyone would do one thing — be patient with President-elect Donald Trump.

“As someone who comes from the left, I think we need to give him some time,” democratic strategist Ted Trimpa told Marshall Zelinger and Anne Trujillo during this week’s Politics Unplugged.  “Let’s see if the calm, private Donald Trump that everyone talks about is actually the one that shows up.”

Conservative talk show host Krista Kafer says Trump also needs to do some work on his own when it comes to easing the fears of those who have been protesting his election.

“I think he needs to allay the fears of so many people out there, particularly on the left because he has said some very divisive things,” Krista said.

“He needs to, we all need to, reach out to everybody and make sure they are not afraid to go on,” Kafer added.

Trimpa added that the real test will come after Trump takes office in January.

“I think the starkness is going to show up is when they start rolling out the policy proposals they are going to do, the executive orders they are going to reverse. If people want something to get upset about, hold your fire because you are going to have plenty there.”


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