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Students demand lawmakers take action to make schools safer

Posted at 2:30 PM, Mar 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-18 21:20:13-04

DENVER – When it comes to student safety in schools, the organizers of school walkouts in Colorado last week are not about to sit back and just see if something happens. They want to make something happen.

“We want there to be a physical and tangible change that we can see, that we can hear that goes into place now from our lawmakers and legislators,” Ayesha Rawal of Boulder’s Fairview High School told Anne Trujillo on this weekend’s Politics Unplugged. “This is not the environment we should be living in, it’s not the environment we should be learning in.”

The students know specifically the types of changes needed to make them feel safer.

“We need stricter mental health checks, stricter background checks, banning bump stocks -- anything that makes it easier for a semi-automatic weapon to become an automatic weapon,” added Eden Rosenberg, also of Fairview. “We want to be safe in our schools, we don’t want this affecting us anymore.”

Students say arming teachers will not make them feel safer.

“I think this walkout was in protest of guns being in the schools in the first place and putting more guns into schools is just ludicrous,” said Luke Lopez of Northglenn High School.

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