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Levi Tillemann hopes to take June primary, face Coffman in November general election

Posted at 12:30 PM, Apr 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-22 19:54:57-04

DENVER – Levi Tillemann hopes he is the Democratic candidate who ultimately gets to face Republican Congressman Mike Coffman in the November’s race to represent Colorado’s 6th congressional district.

Tillemann and Crow have both qualified for June’s primary ballot. Tillemann took home 35.5 percent of the vote at the district assembly while Crow garnered 64.4 percent.

“We are focused on momentum,” Tillemann told Anne Trujillo on this week’s Politics Unplugged. “We gained eight points between county assembly and the congressional assembly and that is just a huge gap to fill.”

Tillemann says that surge tells the campaign they have the right policies, values and message for the district.

“When democratic voters hear about our platform they come over to our side and that says a lot about our prospects going forward,” he added.

“I’m a clean energy entrepreneur who understands the economy of the 21st century,” Tillemann went on to say. “I understand where the jobs are and where the technology is going to change our world going forward. The transition away from fossil fuels isn’t just about saving the environment and making our world a better place. It’s also going to be huge in terms of jobs and I want to make sure those jobs are here in Colorado and in the 6th congressional district.”

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