Downtown Denver Partnership focuses on people, places & businesses

Posted at 10:00 AM, Oct 22, 2017

DENVER -- When it comes to urban planning, the Downtown Denver Partnership spends a lot of time focusing on people, places and business.

“Place is incredibly important because the stronger the place we build, the greater and more inspiring the physical environment of our city, the more likely we can attract new residents and new employers,” Tami Door, president of the Downtown Denver Partnership told Anne Trujillo on this week’s Politics Unplugged.

Door says things like the planned 5280 Loop help attract new people and businesses to downtown.

“That's a linear park that will connect all of the city center neighborhoods together,” she said.

Door acknowledges that traffic and housing are big challenges for the city. But she says those are things that come up when you’re a growing city. 

“In order for us to remain competitive we have to ensure that this is an affordable place for us to live,” she said. “We have worked with the city over the past year to develop an affordable housing fund.  That will help drive development in that arena. We are also working on other policies and programs to create more options for individuals and constantly seeking out new developers that build a wide array of housing at various price points.”

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