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Congressman Coffman crosses party lines, proposes reversal of FCC net neutrality repeal

Posted at 11:30 AM, Jul 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 16:51:31-04

DENVER – Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman is trying to keep the way you watch and use your favorite apps and online services from changing. 

Coffman is the first member of the House of Representatives to cross party lines and introduce a bill that would reverse many of the FCC’s net neutrality repeals that took effect last month.

“Net neutrality is the principal that all the content on the internet must be treated fairly and equally,” Nick Gianoutsos of Defend Net Neutrality Colorado told Anne Trujillo on this weekend’s Politics Unplugged.

Net neutrality rules barred broadband and cellphone companies from slowing down or blocking sites of their choosing or charging more for higher speeds. While most companies have said they’re not going to change anything, at least not immediately, reversing those rules opens up the door to the possibility.

Colorado Common Cause's Caroline Fry says the rule changes could ultimately impact personal use of the internet as well as business use.

“My internet service provider, if we do not have net neutrality could say, ‘hey, in order for all of Coloradans to go to your website, you need to pay us extra money,’” she said, explaining that net neutrality rules ensured that all people had equal access to the internet.

The U.S. Senate has already voted to repeal the FCC’s reversal of the net neutrality repeal.

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