Sirhan Sirhan, man convicted of killing RFK, stabbed at Southern California prison, report says

Posted at 7:34 PM, Aug 30, 2019

Sirhan Sirhan, who was convicted for assassinating Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, was stabbed Friday in a South San Diego County prison.

Sources inside the Donovan Correctional Facility in Otay Mesa told TMZ Sirhan was attacked Friday afternoon in a prison yard.

Sirhan was taken to a hospital outside the prison for care, according to the TMZ source. He remains in stable condition.

Cal Fire confirmed to Scripps affiliate KGTV a person stabbed Friday afternoon at the prison was taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital.

The man who stabbed Sirhan has been placed in isolation, TMZ reports.

At least five inmates were injured during a riot at Donovan prison one week ago . The fight broke out in the prison yard among inmates, some of whom used handmade weapons. The five injured men were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Sirhan Sirhan shot and killed Kennedy during a presidential campaign rally in Los Angeles. He was immediately tackled by witnesses. He was originally sentenced to the death penalty but that was changed to life in prison.

This article was originally written by Allison Horn for KGTV.