More cities create public art installations to bring people together

Posted at 1:45 PM, Aug 27, 2019

Cities across the country are finding unique ways to encourage visitors to enjoy the sights and sounds of their city. The City of Denver in Colorado has placed five colorful pianos painted by local artists in the middle of downtown area, welcoming people of all ages and skill levels to play.

The art installation is called Your Keys to the City.

"Two times a year, we have artists come and re-paint these pianos and create these vibrant art installations,” says Britt Diehl with Downtown Denver Partnership.

City officials hope the initiative brings people together.

"Denver is very artsy,” says a Denver resident named Angela. “I love seeing people interact together."

One visitor from London said he’d never been to a city where there is interaction with instruments.

But Denver isn’t the only city drawing crowds. In Nashville, thousands visited the selfie wall created by a local artist to help singer Taylor Swift promote her latest album. In New York City, the latest interactive art installation drawing visitors is called the Vessel. It’s also known as the stairway to nowhere.

"When you have pianos like this or public art, it brings people together from all walks of life and helps you take a moment hop off your phone and enjoy the place that you are in," Diehl says.