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What's That?: Oversized storage units, nicknamed 'garage condos,' headed to Lakewood

Posted at 8:50 AM, Jul 19, 2019

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A new storage unit facility focused on storing large items is heading to Lakewood near the 6th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard intersection.

The name of the business is Off-Site Garages and the company specializes in over-sized storage units (nicknamed “garage condos”) that customers can buy instead of rent.

Off-Site Garages Owner Mike Ard told Denver7 buyers are using these units to house car collections, RVs, and extra household items that don’t fit into their homes after downsizing.

Ard said the storage units cost $167 per square feet. The smallest unit is 800 square feet and costs about $130,000.

With a traditional mini storage unit costing anywhere from $50 to $150 a month, this option is usually for those with quite a bit of disposable income.

However, Ard said financing is available.

“A lot of people we run into will say, 'Hey, I’ve been renting for years I have nothing to show for it.' Or they might have a car collection of six or eight cars and that’s not uncommon,” Ard said.

These “garage condos” also come with an association, similar to a homeowner’s association.

“There’s a board that’s in place, usually a three-person board and they have an annual meeting," he said. "There are dues… about $60 a month and it pays for insurance on the structure, common liability, things like landscaping, snow removal."

There are several Off-Site Garages locations in the Denver metro area and each of these locations have a club house on site.

The units can be resold or leased.

Ard said the company is nearly sold out of the 38 units Off-Site Garages is building in Lakewood.

The Lakewood location is set to open in February 2020.

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