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'What's that?': New sculpture in Parker is part of public art program

Posted at 11:54 AM, Jul 12, 2019

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DENVER — The Denver metro area is a place where you’ll find quite a few pieces of public art.

This week, one sculpture in the Town of Parker had some residents scratching their heads, making them ask, "what’s that?"

An anonymous viewer sent Denver7 an email asking, “What's that weird sculpture that came out of nowhere near Twenty Mile and Plaza Dr.?”

This piece of art is called “Desert God’s Eye” and it was created by artist Suzanne Kane.

But the sculpture is just one of several pieces of public art throughout the Town of Parker.

“Desert God’s Eye” is a part of the Art Encounters Program that Parker and four other Douglas County communities participate in.

“They make Parker even more of a welcoming destination. Anytime a town invests in art as one of their amenities, it immediately creates a warm and welcoming environment,”
said Parker Cultural Art Director Elaine Mariner.

Mariner said each year, the communities call for artist entries and artists submit their pieces, which must be able to be displayed for one year from June until the end of May.

At the end of the year, for those who fall in love with these public works of art, Mariner said of some of the pieces are available for purchase.

“We post the prices. Occasionally an artist piece is not for sale, but we leave it up to the artist. Often the community who has exhibited the piece for a year will purchase the pieces,” Mariner said.

Mariner said Parker has a total of seven pieces of art throughout the town.

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