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New residential development proposed by North Table Mountain in Golden

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 20:53:15-04

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GOLDEN, Colo. — The open space by North Table Mountain is a draw for Golden residents.

"North Table Mountain is a treasured place in JeffCo and Denver metro certainly and anyone who comes out here," resident Justin Javernick said.
But a postcard in the mail shows what could happen to some of that space.

"There is a proposed development for multi-family -- they call it single-family rental. Two hundred thirty-five units here on what's currently zoned for agricultural residential use. The current density is 4 per acre. Their proposal is 8 per acre," Javernick said.

Think of it as the single-family home equivalent of an apartment complex.

The community would include a pool and clubhouse.

There will be 1 to 3 bedroom rentals, putting four homes in the space where two would normally lie.

Residents only see higher density and the problems that could come with it like traffic and pollution.

"Everyone is very against this type of density, and everyone is reasonable to the fact that we know the development is coming. It should be what it is currently zoned for," Javernick said.

Now they're combatting growth with a petition to keep the zoning as is.

"We are reasonable. We're willing to work. We're willing to make this beneficial to all parties, but currently, it does not serve this community," Javernick said.

They'll have a chance to weigh in Thursday when the county holds a virtual community meeting before moving forward with the formal application process.

"We are all reasonable, and we all want to protect what North Table Mountain is," Javernick said.
If the developer does file a formal application after Thursday's meetings, the county will hold public meetings over the next few months.