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Is new Euro-style village development the future of suburban living in the Denver metro?

West Line Village offering more affordable options
Posted at 5:44 PM, Sep 03, 2018

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- The Denver metro housing market is growing increasingly more competitive. That’s why some developers are finding new ways to offer more affordable prices by maximizing less space for development.

The West Line Village project in Lakewood near W. 10th Ave. and Depew St. already has about 60 homes under contract, some ready for move in this October. While it may seem crazy to call prices starting at $310,000 affordable, that’s what this complex is offering to stay competitive in the Denver Metro housing market.

“One of our biggest concerns is making sure that the homes are actually livable not just profitable,” said Jeff Plous, the head of sales for West Line Village.

Plous said the project is finding creative ways to develop less land.

“By having greater density we are able to keep prices lower than a lot of other neighboring communities,” said Plous.

The development will have around 150 row homes and duplexes once complete. In a time when there is so much growth and change along the Front Range, this project hopes to offer options for people to stay in Colorado rather than leave from rising costs of living.

“We are trying to fill the gaps of price points that just don’t exist,” said Plous.

But with new development comes more people, and some neighbors said that could be a hassle.

“The traffic will be hard, but I think we need more places to live,” said Lakewood resident Reynaldo Guzman.

Families living nearby also hope the project will rejuvenate the area near their homes.

“Sidewalks, speed bumps and maybe a few more stop signs,” said Lakewood residents Millie and Zak Merten. “It would be nice if some kind of retail entity popped up close by where we could walk to.”

Another big piece of this development is the Sheridan Light Rail Station just behind the construction. Most of the people moving into West Line Village only have one-car garages and a lot of them rely on public transportation.

Developers said this project is different than slot homes in that the homes face the street rather than other homes or walkways.